Sunday, 12 December 2010


RedRackham and CaptainScarlet both continued their pet-levelling overnight successfully, so that Red's pale blue horse was halfway through level 31 by morning, having added two levels. Cap had got the drake SirFrancis safely into 47, though overnight he worked on his other drake, which managed to level up too, just reaching 37 before Cap was able to switch back.

Cariae's Kaerella and Barbarienne began the attendance line-up as usual; MistressDomina and MistressSabina were next, but a little after ten o'clock they both had their mining operations interrupted by a disconnection. That does seem to be the time of day when these things happen, now.

Auzura's Kaerella and Rage didn't do their half hours with any mining or standing around in town, instead after coffee they headed for the Tomb of Theos, which was still in excellent condition, and headed for that corner of the corridor just after the main anubis spear man room. My titan MrChuckNorris followed, and joined them there - and when eleven o'clock arrived, Rage started her power hour, with as usual a small crit, a platinum adrenaline, a berserker potion, a platinum blessed iris - and for this hour 53 experience boosters, so that Rage added exactly 44.00% during the hour, plus 4 skill points.

Twisted guildie Luda4axD, our level 100 witch, was in the main room, I discovered when I'd finished the hour; I had mentioned where I was, but she'd not responded. She was still fighting the spear men and fighters, so my trio moved into the main room to provide a combat party boost for her, while I went off and had lunch.

My trio were back at their corner in good time for the next dungeon time hour, from two to three, and this time Rage got through 52 boosters, and added 39.91%, which got her safely into level 97. Luda generally fought the sphinx fighters within range, and we had another guildie or two turn up as well - MzTickle1, and munchie, though they spent most of their time afk just providing the combat party bonus. Rage just got a couple of skill points, as the skill exp was shared out rather widely.

We generally kept fighting for the following hour or so, before I took my brief food break. Munchie brought in a friend and did some semi power-levelling of Luda in the main room, while Rage did another power hour from five to six. This hour wasn't quite as good for me, as Rage's game had an error, so she had to respawn in Randol and hurry back; nobody with recall was at their keyboard at the time. This meant that Rage only used 49 experience boosters, adding another 34.81% in level 97, plus 3 skill points.

Luda's power-level was still continuing for a few minutes after that, so my threesome went into the main room to add our combat party bonus to the mixture. By that time, on the oldest machine, MrChuckNorris was a bit difficult to move, I ended up managing to click him on to Kae to auto-follow, which he did manage, in a few instalments.

Kaerella had got up to a second red ignition run by then, and went across to the ancient grey mummies to get the extra skill exp; she certainly got more skill points there than from the long hours with the anubis spear men and sphinx fighters.

People started to log out, but MzTickle1 stayed in the room with Chuck, Kae and Rage, who kept going on the spear men until the Sunday Quiz was approaching. Rage's supply of the stun-removing Remedy was running low by then - she generally didn't bother to use her remaining ones, as there wasn't any great health loss, and the time lost wasn't important, with no pots being active.

By the end of the session, Rage had gone up by in total 125.16%, plus 22 skill points and 7500 pet points. Kaerella had gone up by 6.40%, 42 skill points (thanks to her two red ignition runs), and 3259 pet points, while MrChuckNorris had added 3.44% and 20 skill points. So, a useful day's work.

A level 102 sorcerer in the XxPhoenixxX guild, xPROx, had asked if I was staying into dungeon time, and I'd assured him I wasn't, and that I'd be off to the Sunday Quiz; he was looking forward to reaching level 103, though that means he will need to farm 25k of skill points from the ancient grey mummies...

The quiz went smoothly enough, with the GMs asking the question about game masters not demanding to be told passwords a lot of times. I didn't try to run three characters there, it was just Kaerella and MistressDomino; I sent CaptainScarlet down to Maargadum Jail to do a little more pet-levelling, which meant that by the end of the evening SirFrancis was about a sixth of the way through level 47.

Once the quiz prizes had been won, and traded across to MistressDomino along with other recent useful loot, it was time for SirGalahad, finally, to do his half hour's attendance. He did this in Prokion Temple, once the dungeon time had ended at nine, getting 336 experience and 3464 skill exp per ghoul... which rose to 336 and 3810 once the thirty minutes was up. I really don't see why the first half hour of one's time doesn't include the bonus earned from previous days, but that's just the way things are. He earned 3.04% and 80 skill points; as she was standing in Dratan City, his guardian, Kaerella, got 33 skill exp per kill too, so gained another skill point.

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