Thursday, 30 December 2010

Two to 101

I added an eighth character to my attendance roster this morning, since he has been quite active lately - my level 95 titan on Auzura, MrChuckNorris. So CaptainScarlet, on the same account, was slightly later beginning his morning session in Maargadum Jail - but before long he got his current drake into level 49.

After coffee, the plan was to take Rage, Kaerella and Chuck to the Auzura-4 Tomb of Theos, but when Rage got to the entrance, in good time for the eleven to twelve o'clock dungeon, I found that the condition was right down at 50% - not exactly deadly, but it would have slowed down progress, and, when using expensive potions, the more kills you make in an hour the better.

So, Rage logged out, and my Cariae cleric Kaerella checked out the Tomb over on Cariae-4. It was on 70%, which would have been a bit marginal for a "power hour", but good enough for the gentle sp-farming I had in mind. So, Barbarienne logged in and joined her, while CaptainScarlet was able to continue with his pet-levelling.

There was plenty of space for Kaerella and Barbarienne in the ancient grey mummies room, so that is where we spent the rest of the morning, finishing just as the dungeon time hour ended, at noon. By then Kae had added 1.25%, 15 skill points, and 1271 pet points, while Barb was up by 1.06%, 16 skill points - and the polar bear cub had added 24.73% in level 27. But the main thing is that the 1.25% was enough to get Kaerella into level 101, which means that she is once again ten levels behind Barb, and thus able to be in a combat party with her.

The afternoon was shaping up to be more of the same, but I decided to check to see if the Auzura Tomb had been reset - so CaptainScarlet logged out on the oldest computer, and MrChuckNorris logged in on Auzura-4, and teleported out there...and found the condition was right up to a nice and easy 100%.

That meant that my Cariae duo, after spending lunchtime in the mummies room, logged out, and Rage and my Auzura archer Kaerella hurriedly logged in. Rage was ahead of Kaerella, so Rage and Chuck hurried down to the anubis spear men, with Kae following a couple of minutes later. That first corner in the corridor was free, thankfully, so we installed ourselves there, with a couple of minutes to spare before the start of the dungeon time hour.

Rage got through 63 experience boosters, plus the usual potions, during the hour, and added 32.34% - and that took her, too, into level 101. Kaerella killed the local sphinx fighters, and Chuck provided his pair of buffs, and did fight a fighter a couple of times. Once the hour was over, Rage lead the other two across to the mummies, and they spent an hour or so there. The room was reasonably busy, but there was room for us - all three of us in fact, as, while Rage and Kae mainly used the first bit of corridor, Chuck fought the mummies in the room itself. By the time I stopped for the usual early evening food break, Rage's total experience gain had reached 33.41%, plus 17 skill points and 2163 pet points. Kaerella was up by 2.51%, including the 0.4% fighter-killing quest reward as she came in, plus 16 skill points and 1824 pet points, while Chuck had added 2.05%, 15 skill points, and 947 pet points.

We headed back to the spear men when the five to six o'clock dungeon time hour was approaching, but that first corner of the corridor was already in use - so we went to the third corner, despite all the aggressive sphinx fighters there. Kaerella didn't bother to try equipping her drake, and generally just took on sphinx fighters that were dangerously close, or actually attacking Rage...they generally seemed to make a beeline for Rage's drake, so Rage did get through quite a few green herb leaves to keep it healthy. One experience booster was a bit wasted, as Rage was unable to de-target one of the sphinx fighters in time - having the Controlled Shooting buff active stopped her from moving, so the usual "click on ground and move away" didn't work.

With a couple of ignition runs, Rage did manage to kill 65 anubis spear men during the hour, and went up by 33.07% in level 101. Once the hour was over, once again my trio sped across to the ancient grey mummies, where they were all able to do some fighting - so that by the end of the session, Rage had added 34.47%, 33 skill points, and 2327 pet points, Kaerella was up by 2.39%, 43 skill points (including a red ignition run), and 1174 pet points, and Chuck had managed 2.43%, 31 skill points, and 1147 pet points.

MistressDomina did volunteer to sit for Dropkick in a combat party for the eight to nine dungeon time hour, but he checked a number of the sub-servers and was unable to find any sphinx commanders that weren't taken. He is level 115 now, so probably won't get the full experience gain from them, even with MD in the party, but my feeling is that it would still beat the next options in the Strayana cave complex.

CaptainScarlet had logged in for pet-levelling as soon as Chuck logged out, and managed to get his drake moving through level 49, so that by the end of the evening he was perhaps a sixth of the way through it; a little later, once we knew that MistressDomina wouldn't be needed, RedRackham went to Maargadum too - and recorded yet another levelling-up for the day, with his pink drake moving into level 24. I had been thinking there might be time for MistressSabina to head out to the giants for half an hour, but what with getting the day's blog updated, and chatting on the guild channel, with subjects including "Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines" and "Dungeon Siege", before I knew it it was time to log out.

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