Wednesday, 15 December 2010

A Quiet Evening

Yet again, there was no new patch at all for Last Chaos last night. "We hope to have our big release very soon", they say, beneath a headline saying "Almost There". The bug fixes supplied by the developers "appear to be working", so we ought to get them at the same time as the new content. Xuse2005 even supplied a small screenshot of a verdant new "dungeon", to whet our appetites. No updates to the item mall are reported. As someone called zeniam in the forum shoutbox commented, "Wow, still no web mall, it takes, what, 3-4 weeks, and still no fix? The idiots should be sacked, I guess it's time to go to a new game..."

My characters went out for their attendance half hours, anyway; Auzura's Kaerella went to the Tomb entrance, and found, to no great surprise, that the place was still on maximum hard. Once there was room, CaptainScarlet headed for the fifth floor of Maargadum Jail again, and continued with his pet-levelling. As I had some work to do, I logged RedRackham in over on Cariae, and he went to do a little pet-levelling on his level 37 drake as well. And then, once SirGalahad had finished his half hour, Auzura's RedRackham took his level 31 pale blue horse down there too.

RedRackham on Cariae got an "error report" crash, and that meant that, with Red in-game not attacking the death mask soldier, the monster turned its attention to his drake, and got its health down to 51% before the game finally disconnected. Still, it didn't take long to get Red back in action, this time being careful to choose the less aggressive type, a lancer, and around an hour later the drake reached level 38, automatically regaining full health. Over on Auzura. Red's horse had also levelled up by then, reaching 32. CaptainScarlet, meanwhile, had got his drake past the two-thirds mark in level 47.

RedRackham, on the new computer, got another crash of the game, and so I followed prompts to install new AMD drivers for the graphics card. This of course meant that the computer restarted and reported that it had no drivers at all for the card, so I installed the new drivers again... which left me with no option for the proper wide-screen resolution, and no "aero" type window edges etc. Installing some new windows updates was the next thing I was led into, which led to a new restart - it was just as well that my Auzura pet-levellers were keeping busy on the other two screens. For a miracle, the restart got me back to the right screen resolution, and the semi-transparent window edges. And by then it was time for the early evening food break.

RedRackham on Auzura had got his horse about 60% of the way through level 32 when he finally logged out - to allow Barbarienne to join Kaerella in the Cariae-4 Tomb of Theos, which was on 80% at the time.

The evening session proceeded much like yesterday's session, though it wasn't as long. Our old companion NaOmi, the archer, turned up before long; she was fighting alongside a couple of her guildies, a sorcerer and a mage, so Barb and Kae mainly fought in the corridor for the first hour or so. Later on the sorcerer Nhyrium was around... but there weren't really any exciting happenings to record. The evening's event was a "Turbo" thing, which turned out to be 50% extra experience. It continued beyond the two hours into the eight to nine o'clock dungeon time hour, and the bonus did "stack", so that each kill brought in about 58 to 68 million experience then.

Barbarienne equipped the polar bear cub, which generally belongs to Kaerella, and the little guy added 162.13%, reaching level 17. He attacked Barb's targets, but missed most of the time, occasionally hitting for just "1" - but he was useful, as Barb picked up three pieces of armour, two heaven stones, and some minor loot, items which she wouldn't usually get from a monster seven levels below her.

By the end of the evening, Kaerella had added 3.58%, 43 skill points, and 3860 pet points, while Barbarienne had earned 5.81% and 41 skill points. And at about the time they finished, CaptainScarlet over on Auzura got the drake he is working on, SirFrancis, safely into level 48. The new level will take about 37 hours to work through, I see...

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