Friday, 31 December 2010

The End of the Line

For the 45th consecutive day, my assorted characters claimed their attendance bonus; Cariae's Kaerella and Barbarienne, plus MistressSabina, followed by Auzura's Kaerella, along with MistressDomina and MrChuckNorris, and then Rage and SirGalahad, while CaptainScarlet, who also qualifies for the 10% skill exp boost if he happens to kill something, took his level 49 drake down to the fifth floor of Maargadum Jail on Auzura-4 to spar with his death mask lancer.

Chuck had killed a fox on the way to the mine to get a few quality, imperfect and flawed stones, and while it gave the single point of experience, it gave two of skill exp - so last night's double skill exp was still running. While that is quite useful for, say, SirGalahad or MistressSabina, they have the Elizabeth's Enhancement buff, so the extra amount of skill exp is fairly minor - Kaerella and Barbarienne, however, fighting ancient grey mummies, would get the full benefit.

The benefit from the morning session wasn't, actually, huge, with Kae and Barb each gaining 22 skill points; Kaerella got 1.47% experience and 1902 pet points, while Barbarienne added 1.34%. The polar bear cub's 32.58% was enough to get him into level 28, so that was useful progress.

The afternoon session was basically more of the same; Kaerella added 1.95% and 3053 pet points, and Barbarienne got 1.79% experience, while they each gained 31 more skill points, and the polar bear cub gained 46.27% in level 28. I stayed for a little while into the evening, as Kae was starting to get close to a red ignition run, but it only gave her an extra 4 skill points so wasn't really worth the extra time. Anyway, Kaerella earned another 1.88%, 23 skill points, and 1725 pet points, and Barbarienne got 1.51% and 19 skill points, with the polar bear cub adding another 27.46%, before we finished. A knight had just arrived then, only the second player I'd seen since we arrived, and Kae gave him the Encourage buff, and briefly joined in a party with him to give him the experience and skill exp increasing buff too, before heading for the exit.

There was time for MistressSabina to head out to the giants, so RedRackham teleported to Maargadum Jail on Auzura-6 to give her a solo party, and Sabina went to the Dratan desert. Thanks to the "Christmas Cheer" buff from the main tree in Randol, the giants were again pretty generous with their level 61 weapon drops (plus the 61 temple knight shield), and by the time she finished, Sabina had got 51.8 million just from selling those items to the NPC merchant back in the city. 16.36% experience was enough to get MistressSabina into level 53 at last, so that she was able to equip the level 57 +15 mage wand, instead of the level 45 one she had been using, increasing her magical attack from 979 to 1211. 112 skill points were earned too, along with 1193 pet points.

CaptainScarlet had continued with his pet-levelling, and by the end of the evening had got his drake comfortably past the halfway point in level 49; he did get disconnected at one point during the evening, but was able to log back in and hurry back without any problems. RedRackham got his pink drake up into level 25, so that achievement, plus the polar bear cub and MistressSabina's levellings-up, means that it was another pretty productive day.

And so our saga here draws to a close, in a not very dramatic way. Tomorrow, after I'm sure a rather later start than average, there should be some double pet experience, while Monday promises a high-level Mad Monster Spawn for Rage on Auzura, and Barbarienne on Cariae, to go to. I'm going to have to get along to some more "raids" on Akan Temple in January, both with Twisted guildies on Auzura and arranged by Zenderfly on Cariae. SirKit on Cariae needs if possible to move on from level 92 to 100, if only so that a phoenix character can be started on his account, while MistressSabina should finish her giant-farming after her current level, and then farm the outdoor sphinx "speer" men and sphinx fighters a bit. MistressDomina is poised to do some serious levelling-up, while both the Cariae and Auzura Kaerellas need to farm the ancient grey mummies for skill points...

There is still lots to be done, and over the coming year, I intend to be doing it.

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