Saturday, 25 December 2010

Three Drakes for Christmas

Cariae's Kaerella and Barbarienne did their half hours to keep the attendance bonus going, along with MistressSabina, and then MistressDomina, Rage and Auzura's Kaerella logged in. The Twisted guild master, spazz, was saying that he had got the guild to level twenty now, for some great guild buffs - and was planning to go further. At that guild level, any character has to be level fifty to become GM and upgrade the guild, with the skill point cost approaching 2000 per guild level, so raising a special sp character would take a while - but luckily players in Mondshine can get extra skill points relatively easily, and the guild does have a few people who are there.

SirGalahad completed the attendance seven, doing a little mining once a Christmas gift box had deposited another shining titan Santa hat. Auzura's Kaerella managed to get a healer hat, though, which might be worth melding to her headgear for a month, as her circlet is actually +14.

CaptainScarlet headed for Maargadum Jail on Auzura-4, to get back to his pet-levelling duties; RedRackham went to Maargadum Jail too, on Auzura-6. He did actually hit a beast flyer as he ran through level four, which is a definite no-no as the magic-using beast crawlers are protective of the flyers, but he kept running and managed to escape, with less than half his health left.

MistressSabina was able to take a trip out to the giants before lunch; seeing there wasn't a solo party available, once she'd partied up with RedRackham she made it open to all, with the title "Merry Solo", and it did reach a full eight players before fading off as lunch approached.

The giants' plateau was generally being used by a titan, who had an hour-long super haste potion active, so MistressSabina had to make do with the main path heading west, but she still had to make gratifyingly frequent trips back to town to sell the loot, and ended up topping the 300 million gold mark. It wasn't a hugely long session, as today's lunch needed a bit more preparation than average, but Sabina still managed to add 7.95 %, helped along slightly by the GMs leaving last night's double experience event running, along with 48 skill points and 505 pet points.

Cariae's RedRackham joined in the pet-levelling over lunch, and after an extended break MistressSabina returned - only to find the titan still busy with his high-speed giant-killing. Sabina killed a few giants, and then Zenderfly got in touch. She was asking to borrow any +15 mid-level weapons I had on Cariae, so I logged on to SirCumference on Cariae-4, and loaned her three +15 swords, the level 37, 45 and 53 her suggestion, she passed across 900 experience boosters as security. She also traded a mount across, from Zenderfly to her new mage Cinetic; that slightly complicated things as Cinetic already had two pets, but she sacrificed a level 3 pony, gaining a horse's molar, to make room.

The titan StuartLittle was still busy in the afternoon, but MistressSabina added another 7.30%, 45 skill points, 515 pet points, and 21 million. Once when Sabina teleported back out, after selling her loot, Kamira was there, being ignored by Stuart - so I quickly switched to my archer Kaerella, and rode out. Kamira was still there, and was reasonably quickly despatched - there wasn't any rare accessory dropped, but I picked up all the usual useful stuff, before Kae logged out, and Sabina returned.

I had just started on an evening session when, just after a half hour's "150% upgrade event" had started, Zenderfly reported that heaven stones were selling for 5 million each on Cariae, and that I should go over and sell some. So, RedRackham logged out, with his pink dragon hatchling now just into level 16, and thus a drake, and MistressDomina, who is on Cariae my merchant mage, logged in. Zen did nicely, selling heaven stones ten at a time - "Why did I waste my previous upgrade events with upgrading?" MD found things a bit slower, fact, she didn't sell anything. After the second upgrade event, a 200% one, had finished, I gave up on that idea, and brought Auzura's RedRackham back into service.

[GM]Stratos had been the person handling the special upgrading events, and he rather complicated things by changing his mind. originally there were going to be three 30 minute events, starting three hours apart, with 150% first, then 200%, then 175%... but the first event actually lasted 45 minutes, with the forum post changed to say the second would only last a mere 5 minutes... though that got changed again, to 10. The last I heard, the 175% event was going to be 15 minutes. Some people were exulting about what they'd managed to get to +15 or even +16 now, while others had broken very expensive things, as usually happens. And others were complaining about terrible lag and not being able to do any upgrading using items they'd bought specially - the castle siege on Cariae was badly affected too, apparently.

The first person to join Sabina's party in the morning had been the level 15 archer Testounet, who'd reached level 17 before leaving; after RedRackham logged out in the evening, Sabina was party-less until a level 81 player, AmazoneS, invited her into a party... and said that she was Testounet. She did offer to help Sabina level, but I said that I needed to farm for a while yet. Testounet as a character had only been made this week, and so had the new hair and face option for an archer, looking rather striking.

The evening session continued, though perhaps not at full speed, until just about the usual end time, and by then MistressSabina had reached the halfway point in level 52, adding another 16.53%, 102 skill points, and 2099 pet points, plus 47.6 million gold. Kamira didn't make any further appearances out among the giants - actually, when Sabina had been back in Dratan City, she had had to ride out of the city briefly so that a Christmas present could arrive (another useless wrong-class Santa hat), and had been able to watch a knight fight Kamira there; I think he must have been fighting the harpies just by the gate to attract her.

RedRackham on Cariae was able to join the pet-levelling line-up for an hour after MistressSabina had logged out; I usually forecast the end figure in advance, and providing the double pet experience continued to the end, his drake should have just reached level 39 by the end of the evening. Similarly, his Auzura namesake should have got his drake into level 18 by then, and, thanks to a number of the platinum pet experience potions, CaptainScarlet's drake should be around the 80% mark in level 47. Let us hope they leave the double pet experience running tomorrow...

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