Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Change of Tomb

As had been suspected, the condition of the Tomb of Theos on Auzura was right down to maximum hard this morning, when MistressDomina checked. MD's western "widowmaker" costume had run out, too; such covers are only supposed to last thirty days, if MD doesn't have any pressing social engagements this week I guess I can wait a little while before buying a new one.

My usual seven characters did their attendance half hours in the morning, anyway, and then Barbarienne checked out what the Tomb was like over on the Cariae server; luckily, it was at a comparatively mild 90%, though it did fall to 80% by the time my cleric Kaerella was able to join her.

There was no point in having a third character with Barbarienne and Kaerella, as that would just have diluted their skill point gain, so I was able, back over on Auzura, to send CaptainScarlet down to the fifth floor of Maargadum Jail, to work on his current drake - so he had a good long session, getting SirFrancis past the halfway mark in level 47 by mid-evening.

The sorcerer Nhyrium was in the room when I arrived, but not actually fighting, though his pet panther was equipped. Before long the level 103 rogue Rebelcat was fighting there too, mainly in the corridor next to the room; she told me that she was actually a ranger, though she was using daggers. We chatted off and on, and Kae made sure to give her the Encourage buff as well as Barb. I wondered how a cat got along in a guild called BRITISHxBULLDOGS, but of course cats are better than bulldogs at climbing trees. "I shall have to reward you for your buffs, lol", she said... and to my surprise she insisted, when she finally left early in the evening "to go beta testing a new character in another game", on giving Kae a platinum adrenaline - and she gave Barb one too, which was very generous.

Kaerella just added 0.83% experience in the morning's hour or so, plus 26 skill points and 1489 pet points, while Barbarienne earned 1.49% and 25 skill points. Somehow, one recent day's attendance didn't register for Barb, so she is just on a 3% skill exp bonus at the moment. The afternoon session was more of the same, and saw Kaerella add another 1.70%, 63 skill points and 3235 pet points, with Barbarienne getting 2.93% and 60 skill points. Barb did actually equip SkrappY for a while, so my "Scra-Chi" type cat-pet added a few percent in level 54.

Nhyrium had another fairly short session with us, but otherwise the ancient grey mummies room was pretty quiet. Zenderfly got in touch; she was with the wood ghosts in Strayana, farming skill exp, experience, and useful drops. We agreed how useless the "kill 50 of" quests are, and made a date to meet up on Thursday at 7:00pm, mainly to help her move things between accounts. She mentioned that the German Last Chaos now has some guild skills operational: "not overwhelming, but useful." There is actually a thread about that in the forum - it looks as if guilds need to be about level 40 to benefit, which is a bit out of my range for Discipline...

The evening session continued Kaerella and Barbarienne's fighting with the ancient grey mummies. Kae did actually get up to a red ignition run, for extra skill exp, which gave her an extra 5 skill points; in all during the evening she went up by another 2.93% and 64 skill points, plus 4744 pet points, while Barbarienne earned 4.56% and 55 more skill points.

So, today Barbarienne moved from 47.75% of the skill points needed for her level 112 skill (level six of Rise Focus 2, adding 44 to her long-range physical hit rate) to 56.5%, which has to be a step in the right direction - 140 skill points in all. Another five such full-time days would get her there, and into level 111 at least.

My duo logged out at around the same time as Zenderfly, when she'd finished her three-hour blessed iris. I had one more thing to do, and that was to use up my supply of lotus seeds by attempting to make some more moon cakes, on the assumption that that particular event must end with tonight's maintenance. Once Kaerella had moved across her recent loot (and Barb's) to my merchant mage on Cariae, she just had three lotus seeds, and only managed to get one cake from Lorraine successfully - but over on Auzura, after getting loot from MistressSabina and Rage, MistressDomino had better luck, getting 15 out of 19 successfully made cakes... and SirGalahad was able to get a cake from his single lotus seed, too.

Will there be the long-awaited "new content" in the post-maintenance patch tomorrow morning? Will the Christmas event start, or will that wait for another week? Only time will tell! The last character of mine to log out was CaptainScarlet, after his marathon pet-levelling session; by the end of the evening, the drake SirFrancis had just passed the 60% mark in level 47, so he made good progress today.

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