Friday, 24 December 2010

With the Mummies

The attendance half hours got sorted out in the usual way. MistressDomina, by standing around outside town, managed to get a shiny red mage Santa hat, but Rage's box got opened by a passer-by before I got back to the screen, so that some hat or other was left on the ground, its actual name obscured by the long grass it had fallen in.

Rage actually made a trip out to the entrance to the Tomb of Theos, and found that its condition was on 50%, for a change - but I didn't have any time then for playing, so just sent my pet-levellers off to Maargadum Jail. CaptainScarlet's drake got to a third of the way through level 46 by lunchtime; on Auzura-6, RedRackham was able to have his pink dragon hatchling learn six more levels of armour increase before making the trip to Merac, and soon got it into level 9. Red's namesake on Cariae took his drake to Jail too, and soon got past the halfway point in level 38.

By two o'clock the Cariae drake was past the 70% mark in level 38, when RedRackham there had to log out. On Auzura, Red logged out with his pink dragon hatchling almost halfway through 11.

On Cariae, Kaerella had logged in and found the Tomb of Theos to be in good condition, so Barbarienne joined her, and they went in for the slightly late-starting afternoon session, with the ancient grey mummies. The actual main mummy room was pretty busy, with a ranger-rogue who tended to gather a whole mob, as well as the Polish titan TomasPL, so Kae and Barb used the bit of corridor mainly - and by the time the food break came up, Kaerella had added 1.46%, 45 skill points, and 1969 pet points, while Barbarienne was up by 1.32% and 46 skill points, with the polar bear cub 40.08% further into level 26.

Luckily the room was quieter after the food break, and for a while Kae and Barb had it to themselves. The sorcerer XxAvatarAptxX arrived, though, and we shared buffs. The mage XxFayxX eventually joined him, but only shortly before I was ready to log out for the evening. Barbarienne investigated the new guild skills, which mainly apply to the guild master; luckily Norcaine on Cariae is level ten, so a few skills were available - a 10% increase in attack, for example, though it only lasts two minutes. It cost some guild points to learn the skills - and they also cost guild points to use, rather than mana, which is an interesting development. The skills are generally just for the use of the guild master, so it is handy that Barb holds that position at present. Perhaps Kaerella will need to move back to Norcaine from Discipline, to be able to benefit from them too, but at present they seem fairly minor.

Kaerella took some time off during the evening, while I watched the original "Tron" movie on dvd - I kept Barbarienne going, though, and Kae emerged to re-apply the Charm and Encourage buffs. In all during the evening, Kaerella added another 5.35%, 48 skill points, and 2669 pet points, while Barbarienne earned 4.84%, and 47 skill points, with the polar bear cub gaining 70.82%, taking it well into level 27. There was double experience for at least a couple of hours, which fitted nicely with the dungeon time boost for a while.

CaptainScarlet had kept busy in Maargadum Jail, so that his drake moved safely past two-thirds of the way through 46; RedRackham joined him there, on Auzura-4, for an hour at the end of the evening, after the pink dragon hatchling earned three more levels of the armour increase buff; before he logged out, another level had been gained, taking it into 12.

[GM]Yatou appeared in the forum shoutbox a few times, mentioning that she, plus GMs Super and Stratos, would be in the office tomorrow. I imagine things will be relatively quiet, though there is a "tiered spender" event starting overnight, and the contents of the reward packages have not yet been revealed, except to say they are "cumulative". The master stones are back in the lootforge, the new bat-type pet is on the lootwheel...will I be tempted to spend lots of aeria points tomorrow, I wonder...?

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