Sunday, 26 December 2010

Evening With The Giants

Sadly, the double experience and pet experience had been turned off last night. My usual characters put in their attendance time this morning in the normal way, and CaptainScarlet headed down to Maargadum Jail before nine. As sometimes happens, he got disconnected soon after ten o'clock, UK time, but was soon back in action, joined later by RedRackham.

Apart from my pet-levellers sparring with their death mask lancers I did absolutely no fighting this morning, unless you count the two foxes killed to check if the double experience was still on. There is more to a game like this than killing monsters, after all. MistressSabina made more space in her inventory by passing some accessories and two of her old armour sets across to FoxChaser, who also took some minor items from my merchant mage, to give her a bit more inventory space. Sabina also got my level 57 +15 weapon, although she can't use it for another half level, and had it transformed by Collector Ryl from a mage staff to a mage wand, for 580,000 gold.

MistressSabina had a long look through Roy's merchant mart for a new accessory, but in the end gave up, and just had a stone of shadow moved across to her. She traded her recent loot, and 300 million gold, across to my merchant, MistressDomino... who spent all that and another 200 million on a pair of level 107 blue-named, +15 mage Orlwin boots, with the five evasion seals, being sold via Roy by Calimera. 500 million seemed like a good deal to me, I noticed someone else trying to sell a +13 pair for 900 million - moving up from the level 87 pair only added 56 to MD's defence, though, when the boots had been traded across. MistressBlaze already had a pair of +13 level 87 boots; replacing them with the +15 pair added 133 to her physical defence, though she'd have been able to borrow the +15 pair when needed, anyway.

Rage checked the Auzura Tomb of Theos, and found its condition was down to 20%; apparently the Cariae one was suffering from a glitch, due to a disconnection during the Dratan castle siege last night - not only could members of the guilds involved there not look in shops or do other similar things, such as using warehouse storage, but nobody could enter the Tomb as the siege was "still on", except on one of the PvP sub-servers, which was presumably a bit crowded.

RedRackham's pink drake moved into level 19 over lunch - and CaptainScarlet's drake was closing in on level 48 by then. Apparently the platinum pet experience potions are a bit rare at the moment, as they are among the many, many items not available from the web item mall, and there are no packages including the lucky pet boxes currently available. Cap still has ten unopened boxes, and a dozen ppeps remaining, which should be enough for another double pet experience event or two. I don't think we will actually need to "top up" another drake after this one, but time will tell.

I had some work to do in the afternoon - well, not exactly paying work, just a favour for a friend. So, about all I managed to do on the Last Chaos front was get some mining done, with SirGalahad using 34 pick-axes and 34 tool aids. CaptainScarlet logged out, with his drake in level 48 by then, as his game was starting to get a little laggy - and when he logged back in in Randol, Gal traded 1,000 quality stones across to him before he returned to his death mask lancer.

After the food break, SirGalahad did a repeat mining performance, 34 being the number of open slots in his inventory, and then went down into the Jail on Auzura-6 to pass 750 of them over to RedRackham, since he was running a little low too. SirGalahad then logged out - and MistressSabina logged in, and made a party with RedRackham.

MistressSabina went out into the desert to the giants, and thankfully had the plateau to herself - though a visit from Kamira would have been nice. The extra space in her inventory was useful, but it gradually filled up, as the time passed...and by the time the usual Sunday Quiz was approaching, Sabina had added 15.50%, 120 skill points, and 1291 pet points, as well as getting loot she sold for 52.8 million gold.

There was a server crash shortly before the quiz, but luckily for me it was confined to Auzura-3 and Tairen-6. People were disconnected, and unable to log back in - and they missed the quiz, though as usual they were urged to send in a ticket to get compensation for that. [GM]Yatou had put in a few appearances in the shoutbox through the day, probably the LC office was a bit quiet, and after the quiz [GM]Stratos dropped in too, though mainly to comment that people ought to be happier during the holiday season than the people who were at that point commenting about missing the quiz.

The quiz itself ran smoothly, and afterwards, once MistressDomina had transferred her winnings across to Kaerella, RedRackham returned to his death mask lancer, and MistressSabina returned to the giants for another forty minutes or so. She added just another 5.61%, getting her through to three-quarters of the way through level 52, plus 51 skill points, 544 pet points, and another 19.5 million gold. I think her store of unused skill points is now at an all-time high, for her, and ought to be enough to get her to level 100 at least.

RedRackham's pink drake had reached level 21 before the quiz, and reached level 22 before the end of the evening; CaptainScarlet was close to a quarter of the way through his drake's level 48 by then too.

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