Saturday, 11 December 2010

Two Levels for Rage

With three computers able to play Last Chaos, it didn't take too long to get the attendance system worked through for another day. Barbarienne transferred her loot from the last Merac Run across to my Cariae merchant mage; Auzura's Kaerella stayed on a bit longer to do a little mining, after exchanging drakes with CaptainScarlet, but got a disconnection before long, though SirGalahad kept going with his mining.

CaptainScarlet went down into Maargadum Jail for an hour or so, and got his new drake, SirFrancis, past the halfway mark in level 46. After his regular mining, SirGalahad took some extra tool aids out of storage, bought 31 pick axes from Merchant Geres, and stocked up on quality stones. He also took some lucky pet boxes out of storage when he was back in town; the first one he opened gave the jackpot, five of the platinum pet experience potions. He then moved to Merac Village, as did CaptainScarlet, and traded 1,000 quality stones, the five ppeps, and the remaining lucky pet boxes across to Cap.

The Tomb of Theos on Auzura was still being kept in excellent condition by its current owners, so Rage, Kaerella and MrChuckNorris went in in good time for the eleven to twelve o'clock dungeon time hour, and took up residence at the first corner after the main anubis spear man room. The room itself was already being used by one night shadow, or I would have invited some guildies along to share it; munchie was looking to do a power hour too, but ended up on a different sub-server.

Rage did her eleven to noon power hour smoothly enough, with Kaerella as usual fighting the sphinx fighters there, and Chuck supplying the hit rate and increased attack buffs. Rage used 52 experience boosters in the hour, for 51.59% experience and 3 skill points; including the preliminary kills she earned 52.20% and 5 skill points, plus 1473 pet points, while Kaerella got 2.04%, the 5 skill points, and 1123 pet points for her borrowed drake. MrChuckNorris got 0.96% just from being there - and the 5 skill points of course. Within the first quarter of an hour, Rage reached level 95.

My trio stayed there over lunch, and I soon had Rage back in action, to show that the spot was in use if anyone happened to pass by. The two to three o'clock dungeon time passed pretty similarly, with another 52 experience boosters used, for 49.20% and 4 skill points; Kaerella took some time off to just provide the combat party boost from just standing there after that for an hour or so until the food break, with her pet polar bear cub getting a few percent experience. By the time I went afk again Rage's total for the afternoon had reached 51.95%, 6 skill points, and 2773 pet points, while Kaerella got 1.82%, 5 skill points and 874 pet points, and Chuck added 1.13% and 4 skill points.

Again Rage did some solo work before the next dungeon time hour, and then managed to get through 54 experience boosters, as well as the hour-long potions, while adding 45.16% and getting well into level 96. By the time she logged out, shortly after the hour ended, she had added a total of 45.85%, 4 skill points, and 1666 pet points, with Chuck adding 0.95% and 5 skill points.

Rage is too many levels below the anubis spear men still to get any "ignition", but by the end of that third power hour Kaerella had managed to reach the red run, giving extra skill exp from each kill, so hurried across to the ancient grey mummies, where she found just enough spare ones to do her run. That meant that her figures for the early evening session went up to 2.00% and 14 skill points, plus 906 pet points.

Today's special bonus was some double pet experience, so my next step was to send CaptainScarlet back to his death mask lancer on Auzura-4. The double pet experience was already running when he got there, so a platinum pet experience potion was swiftly started, and a second one followed an hour later - though the double pet experience was turned off rather quickly, so that the last few minutes were just triple, from the ppep, rather than sextuple. RedRackham also headed for Maargadum Jail, but on Auzura-6, and did some work on his pale blue horse too, as well as providing a solo party for MistressSabina.

MistressSabina headed for the giants, of course, for a fairly non-intensive session; by the time her Elizabeth's Enhancement buff ran out she had added 11.10%, 73 skill points, and 1119 pet points. CaptainScarlet and RedRackham kept going after Sabina logged out, with Cap getting SirFrancis, Kae's drake, into level 47 before the end of the evening; Red's horse was getting fairly close to the top of level 29 by then too.

Reaching level 96 didn't make any new skill levels available for Rage, we'll have to wait for 98 for that. As for special weekend events, well, there is a "hunter gatherer raffle" running for a day from tomorrow evening, where picking up loot dropped by a monster counts as an entry. There is also a "boosterlicious tiered event", but to get anything useful in the way of packages you need to spend 4500 aeria points or more - which is a little difficult, as the web item mall is still essentially empty, except for its special packages and current BOGO offers. So, there really isn't anything that tempts me to start spending ap at the moment.

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