Friday, 10 December 2010

When Two Become Three

RedRackham and CaptainScarlet had looked so safe and busy in Maargadum Jail last night that I decided to leave them to it until morning. CaptainScarlet switched over from the level 49 drake to his level 35 one, while Red continued with his horse. I checked up on them just before seven; Cap had recently been disconnected, so I took him back there, and switched back to the level 49 drake. By the time they logged out at breakfast time, useful progress had been made, with Red's horse up by two levels, and Cap's lower drake up by a level too.

Cariae's Kaerella and Barbarienne then logged in for the 24th days of the attendance allowance. Kae looked at a merchant or two, and was tempted to buy a necklace of wind from the Vendetta night shadow LUCYFER; at 15 million, 10% suction of life, 5 magical defence, and 16 swiftness of reflexes seemed worth getting, particularly if I do start a new phoenix-type character on Cariae before too long...

MistressDomina and Rage were next up for their attendance; MD was in a shopping mood too, but there were no tempting pieces of armour from the mage level 105/107 Orlwin set for sale in the merchant mart. There were +13 boots and a circlet, but her current level 87 ones are both +15, and thus still give better defence.

After a little mining, my Twisted guild members were replaced by Auzura's Kaerella, and MistressSabina, who both did quite a lot of mining, as I needed to go shopping, taking a quick train trip to Harrow to buy a new computer "patch cable for networking", on the feeling that the only cable I could get locally, while it did have an Ethernet-type plug at each end, was a bit different from the cables connecting the more modern two computers to their hub, modem and/or router. Once home, I plugged the new cable in, switched on the old XP-running machine...and it connected to the internet without any problem, the first sign being the notice that the anti-virus had updated itself.

So, over lunch, not only did SirGalahad do some pet-levelling work to get his attendance sorted, but he was joined on floor five of Maargadum Jail by both RedRackham and CaptainScarlet - the first time I've ever had three characters playing Last Chaos at the same time. Gal's pale blue horse reached level 25, so is now one level ahead of him.

MistressDomina checked on the Tomb's condition after lunch on Auzura-4, and found it at 90%, so Kaerella logged in and joined her - and Twisted guildie munchie, the level 101 witch, volunteered to join the combat party. When she put Recall up she was in the anubis spear man room and MD was a few yards further in at that first corridor corner, so MD temporarily moved back a short distance, but we soon got set up at the corner, and munchie recalled Kaerella in. munchie was generally afk to watch tv, but did give us both the superior witchy kind of Haste.

MistressDomina soon reached level 107, and used 63 experience boosters during the dungeon time hour, so that she went up by 29.05%, and added 8 skill points - MD's total, including the few minutes before, was 29.12% and 9 skill points, plus 1096 pet points. Once the hour was over munchie logged out, but Kaerella went across to the ancient grey mummies, and was joined by my level 94 ranger-rogue Rage there. By the time the food break came along, Rage had just added 1.19% and 5 skill points, plus 643 pet points, with Kaerella's figures at 2.30%, 15 skill points, and 1567 pet points.

Kaerella and Rage weren't alone there, though - on the oldest computer, now back in action, MrChuckNorris, my level 95 warmaster titan, logged in and hurried to join them. He didn't do any fighting, but gave the others a little extra combat party boost.

The three of them moved across to the anubis spear men after the break, in good time for the five to six o'clock dungeon time hour - the corridor corner was free still, luckily. As Rage doesn't kill quite as quickly as MistressDomina, and doesn't have to keep spamming a skill like Terra Spear or bother about buffs (though Chuck supplied his attack and hit rate buffs to both Rage and Kae), it was a more relaxed power hour, but Rage still managed to use 51 experience boosters, and went up by 57.80% in level 94, plus 3 skill points. For the whole early evening session Rage managed to add 58.69%, plus 4 skill points and 1340 pet points, while Chuck gained 1.26% in all, plus 7 skill points. Kaerella added another 2.55%, 1096 pet points and 12 skill points - seven of the skill points came from a red ignition run right at the end, fighting ancient grey mummies well away from the others and getting 9900 skill exp per kill. It was hard to find enough mummies for the run, and Kae ended up in the wider, column-lined corridor close to the end of the mummy area.

CaptainScarlet logged back in after that for some more pet-levelling, on the XP-running computer, while I got up to date on other web things. RedRackham logged on for some more pet-levelling too; and MistressSabina finally went back out to the giants, since the server hasn't been doing any nasty and potentially lethal disconnections lately.

MistressSabina's session went smoothly enough; the evening's double experience had been switched on by then, and the double skill exp was still running as well, I discovered when I killed a fox. At around ten to eight I stopped Sabina's giant-killing, and logged in as MistressDomina again, to volunteer for joining a combat party, if anyone needed a few extra members within range - but there were no takers, so Sabina was able to log back on, and, after browsing through some of the accessories in Roy's merchant mart, head back to the giants.

In all, MistressSabina just added 15.77%, 82 skill points, and 925 pet points, which at least gives her a start through level 51. Once she reaches level 52, and increases her physical defence a bit, it will probably be time to move on to the (outdoor) sphinx fighters, and their friends the sphinx "speer" men.

CaptainScarlet finally got his drake into level 50, so that particular pet will probably be traded across to a new owner soon. He might possibly take temporary control of Kaerella's drake, SirFrancis, to move it on a little from level 46. RedRackham's horse was approaching level 29 as the evening neared its end, so still has a fair way to go. But now, a new weekend approaches - do our friends at Aeria have anything special planned, I wonder? An announcement of "7 Days of Winterfest" rather got my hopes up, earlier this week, but all that involves is shuffling around which high-level gems are available from the Lootforge, day by day.

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