Thursday, 2 December 2010

Computer Problems

The next stage in the "new look" for my computing set-up was to move the Vista computer downstairs, and the old XP machine across to the proper computer desk upstairs, as opposed to its previous rather makeshift set-up. First of all the new Windows 7 computer needed to be moved across to the newly-constructed desk downstairs. This wasn't as easy as it should have been, as the space in its internals for the tower unit wasn't tall enough, and the alternative position, if one removed an adjustable shelf, had a plank across at the back which obscured the top of the back of the tower, where the power plug needed to go. Sawing a piece out of that plank took a while, but it was finally done, and the various bits were moved across and plugged back together.

Next, the Vista machine's various bits were moved down, and it was connected to the new cable router. And then the XP computer was unplugged from its bits, moved into the official desk, and had its peripherals plugged back in. By now, we were halfway through the morning.

The new computer started up brightly enough, with lots of updates to install and a restart needed - but that was the only good news. The Vista machine wouldn't to anything when the power button was pressed - though I finally checked the on/off switch around the back, and found that somehow that had got into the "off" position, so once I'd rectified that, Windows did launch, and it even discovered that it was part of a new network.

Things upstairs were a bit more serious though - the only thing that switching that one on got me was a whirring, and a beep code - two quick, followed by three not so quick. So that machine at least needs, once again, the attentions of an expert. And with the snow thick on the ground and freezing conditions, I doubt if they are making house calls this week...

I had an "invalid password" scare when logging MistressDomina in for her half hour, but that was due to something being wrong with the "caps" key on that keyboard at that point; re-setting the keys, which are a separate overlay with a Z-board, cured that, thankfully.

Anyway, the attendance half hours started a bit late, but got going with the two Kaerellas, MistressDomina, and the rest. SirGalahad, the last of the group, stayed mining for a while after his time finished - while on the newer computer CaptainScarlet headed for Maargadum Jail to work on levelling his drake. When SirGalahad did log out, RedRackham was able to go to Maargadum too - and, working through the lunch break, the afternoon and the early evening food break, and for a while after that, he got his pale blue horse up two levels, to 18.

Both RedRackham and CaptainScarlet had plenty of pet-levelling time, while I worked on preparing for my busy Sunday, weather permitting. However, finally I was able to log SirGalahad on in his skill point farming capacity, and head for Prokion Temple - in a solo party with CaptainScarlet, who moved from Auzura-4 to Auzura-6 for that. A "double skill exp" event was in progress, so for every 336 experience he got from killing a ghoul, he got 4125 skill exp. The place was, understandably, pretty busy, though, so the killing rate wasn't particularly high.

SirGalahad stopped when the dungeon time hour began at eight, as that would have increased the experience per kill; by then he had added 3.20%, and 98 skill points. His inventory was full, so he had plenty of loot to sell back in Randol.

MistressSabina took over, and made a party with CaptainScarlet - a combat party, since they are ten levels apart now. As an experiment, taking advantage of the 50% experience boost during dungeon time, if you are in a dungeon, she too headed for Maargadum Jail.

Death mask lancers are level 44, and now blue-named for MistressSabina; in a solo party they give her 6,240 experience and 1,100 skill exp, with the Elizabeth's Enhancement buff and the attendance bonus running. However, having CaptainScarlet, on level 40, within range meant that Sabina got rather more - it varied, but a typical kill gave 69,980 experience and 1280 skill exp. The death mask soldiers, on level 47, were green-named, but having Cap within range probably helped a little.

Still, it wasn't as easy or speedy a place for killing as the desert area with the giants - Sabina did actually almost get killed once, when she must have killed one beast crawler with another one within "protective" range, and I didn't see I was being attacked until this second beast crawler had damaged her pretty hard - and her with no health potion on her task bar. Stone failed, and her health-suction skill didn't do much, but luckily she managed to kill it while she still had a couple of hundred health left.

Once the dungeon time hour was over, she went out to the giants to use an ignition run, and indeed a second run almost immediately afterwards. The loot was a lot better, and the killing rate. She didn't stay long, though, so only added 135 pet points (she'd not equipped her drake in the Jail); the total experience gain for the session was just 8.06%, plus 33 skill points.

CaptainScarlet moved back to the quieter Auzura-4 server, and went back to Maargadum Jail, accompanied by RedRackham, and they finished the evening with a little more pet-levelling. Red's horse made good progress through level 18 - and Cap's drake got to only an hour or so away from levelling up.

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