Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Sabina Levels Up

I was out almost all morning doing some shopping, but I got four of my "attendance" septet qualified for the day before I drove off, with another pair sent out to do some mining while I was out. There was just time before lunch to put number seven, SirGalahad, up with a little mining... so that completed the set.

After getting some advice that computers that just bleep when switched on often just have a memory stick, or other item, a bit loose, while I was out I bought an anti-static wristlet, and, suitably equipped, managed to open the side of the old XP-running computer. Nothing seemed particularly loose, but I pushed memory sticks and anything else that was obvious, trying to make sure things were firmly lodged - and when I'd closed the case up again, and turned the computer on, it just made the usual cheerful single bleep, and started up. It didn't actually want to connect to the internet... but maybe I can fit it in downstairs for that at some point.

There was still a little talk of lag in the shoutbox, but I dared to take MistressSabina out to the giants in Dratan desert, in a solo party with CaptainScarlet, who of course went off to Maargadum Jail for some pet-levelling. Luckily there weren't any disconnections, and by the time I went off for the early evening food break, Sabina had added 10.05%, reclaimed 55 skill points, and gained 666 pet points.

MistressSabina stayed logged in, and went out for a short continuation of her session after the break; she added another 6.06%, which was enough to get her into level 51. That doesn't give her access to any new skills, but does at least mean that she was able to put on the level 56 Kirnitooth's skirt and shirt. Like the level 51 "Bluses" pieces, they are both +13, so the increased defence is just 34; a bigger boost will come at 52, when she can wear the new boots and headgear. She will also be able to learn the second level of Burning Flame then, doubling its power, so that it "bleeds" 400 hit points over ten seconds. Further levels of that skill will follow, adding a further 200 hit points a time - which is just as well, as higher level monsters have a lot of hit points.

Apparently the Vendetta guild own the Tomb of Theos on the Cariae server at present, and have managed to get some of their officers banned - so the Tomb there is not being set, and has drifted dangerously low. That foiled my plan to have my cleric Kaerella put in a dungeon time stint from eight to nine there - so instead Rage went to the Auzura Tomb, which was set to easy. The Auzura Tomb was fairly busy, of course, so Rage just spent the hour in the anubis spear man room, generally just battling the sphinx fighters.

Two pairs of players were doing guildie power-levelling; nearest to me the night shadow QueteShadow was helping the archer CleoPatre, who certainly seemed to add plenty of levels - they even went off and got her new armour at one stage. QueteShadow did disconnect once, leaving the poor archer running for her life - but I managed to take the spear man off her, and kill it, though for some reason I managed to attract a pair of sphinx fighters while I was doing it, so lost a bit of health. A single sphinx fighter does Rage no damage at all, but an anubis spear man can hurt her, and takes ages to kill, so when Rage does some more "power hours", they'll probably be in the ancient grey mummies room.

Including the quest reward for killing fifty sphinx fighters, Rage just added 3.26%, on top of the 0.12% from yesterday's Merac Run; she got 6 skill points and 1159 pet points. Weapon drops were a lot less frequent than Sabina was getting with the giants; since they sell for less than twice as much, Sabina is a better earner at the moment! The knight shield the giants drop is worth less than the weapons, but the one the sphinx fighters drop is worth more, curiously.

With the ending of another LC week, I suppose it is quite likely that the moon cake event may end, finally; instead of trying to sell the remaining ingredients, I decided to try to make a few moon cakes. In theory the success rate from that ought to be 70%, but I had 29 lotus seeds, plus plenty of egg yolks and flour, across four characters, and ended up with 18, which works out at 62%. Assuming the cakes don't vanish, they ought to be useful as a "mini adrenaline", though I assume they only last 5 minutes.

CaptainScarlet had continued his pet-levelling across the evening, passing the 40% mark in level 49 for his drake; once Rage had logged out, and the moon cakes had been made, RedRackham was able to do a little work on his pale blue horse too, making a little further progress through level 26.

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