Friday, 3 December 2010

Keeping Busy

With the two downstairs computers leaping into action after breakfast, my usual seven characters put in their attendance half hours, though MistressSabina did get a disconnection during her time out at Teleporter Elveen's mining area. They have now notched up seventeen consecutive days each, it seems.

For some reason the weekend's festivities seem to have started a day early, with a miniature tiered spender event - spend 1 ap for a strong medicine, 100 ap for 50 large defence potions, 200 ap for 100 large attack potions, and 300 ap for 5 large crit pots. It's good that they have got the system working again (though I did hear reports that early buyers weren't seeing their purchases on the tier page), though the prizes aren't all that enticing. Master stones are back in the Lootforge too, for three days - however, hearing someone complain that he'd spent a hundred dollars' worth of aeria points and not got anything does rather put one off feeding 199 ap at a time into the system, only to see everything break, or possibly just get a lucky smelting stone at the end of the fifth round.

Once again, SirGalahad stayed on to do a little extra mining after he'd got his attendance sorted, while CaptainScarlet went off to Maargadum Jail, and began sparring with his death mask lancer. Cap soon got his drake to level 48, a level that, at the normal speed, is liable to take him 36 or 37 hours to get through - that means a lot of quality stones will be used.

MistressDomina had killed a fox on the way to the mining area, and got 1 experience and 2 skill exp, showing that the GMs had forgotten to switch off last night's double skill exp "happy hour" when they left the office. But I had too much work to do to take advantage of that today...

At six o'clock, however, CaptainScarlet logged out, with his drake a fifth of the way through level 48, and MistressSabina took over the newer computer; then RedRackham logged out, with his horse a sixth of the way into level 21, having gone up two levels during the day, so that Cap could move in over there - on sub-server six, to give Sabina a solo party.

The double skill exp was already switched off, but today's "happy hour" of double experience was a bit late being switched on, starting about 6:30, UK time - increasing the experience MistressSabina got each time she killed a giant from 77,550 to 96, 937, as 150% extra on the basic 38,775 is the maximum you can get, without using experience boosters.

There was still some work I needed to do, so MistressSabina logged out a bit early; she had gained 16.95% and 79 skill points, plus 951 pet points; selling the weapons she had dropped for her brought in around 7.5 million gold, and she also picked up a couple of heaven stones.

After that, RedRackham was able to get back online for a little more pet-levelling, while CaptainScarlet continued his work. By the end of the evening, Cap's drake was approaching a third of the way through level 48, while Red's horse was approaching the top of level 21. At least horses don't have to go beyond the start of level 37, generally...

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