Sunday, 5 December 2010

More Disconnections

One of my "Busy Sundays" didn't leave much time for playing Last Chaos - I was hoping to have enough time for the attendance allowances, and to get to the Sunday Quiz, but that was about all.

However, with the double pet experience running, I did leave RedRackham and CaptainScarlet hard at work pet-levelling overnight. Red's horse had reached level 24 before I left the computers to it; I couldn't leave Cap working on his level 48 drake, as it would have reached its starvation level after an hour and forty minutes, but he was also carrying a level 34 one as well. He hadn't equipped it for so long that its Sympathy had dropped to zero, but he doesn't need the armour buff, so that was no problem.

By the (rather early) end of the night, Red's horse was nearing the top of level 25; Cap's junior drake was two-thirds of the way through level 35, and, as I'd been able to put the higher-level one back on for an hour or so, that drake had just reached level 49. The double pet experience had been switched off on time. But then the computers had to be switched off for around eleven hours.

The attendance half hours went through smoothly, except for my archer on Auzura, Kaerella, who got disconnected soon after 7:30pm, UK time; SirGalahad was still online, with a view to taking a short trip to Prokion temple if I had the time, and he disconnected too. Judging from the talk when I logged back on, and in the forum shoutbox, it was another game-wide "lag spike", so I was right not to risk sending MistressSabina out to the giants again. The duo got disconnected again twenty minutes later... and Kae got disconnected again five minutes after that, while I was still trying to log SirGalahad back on.

Things weren't looking to good for the Sunday Quiz, but Kaerella and MistressDomino logged in for it on Auzura-2, and got into the quiz room, with twenty minutes to spare. The room seemed fuller than usual, and things did seem a little laggy, but Kae and my merchant mage, and indeed almost everybody else, did get through to the end. The duo respawned in Randol after deliberately getting question 22 wrong, and Kae transferred her prizes, and other recent loot, across to MD junior, who hurriedly logged out.

So, the Quiz, at least, was successfully completed today, though all these disconnections are worrying - I wasn't in a risky situation, but other people reported losing skill points from dc-induced deaths. There were reports from Cariae of a disconnection straight after the quiz for some people at least, with, of course, their recently-gained prizes no longer in their inventories when people logged back in, as every disconnection has its own minor "rollback", since the game doesn't save inventory and stat changes immediately. It's too bad that those undeserved deaths don't get rolled back too...

CaptainScarlet headed for the fifth floor of Maargadum Jail on Auzura-4 after that, and started sparring with the death mask soldier; RedRackham followed soon after, and lured the death mask lancer along to the side. Red's horse soon levelled up to 27, while Cap's drake started on the long slog through level 49, which is liable to take about forty hours... not counting disconnections!

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